About Us

Technology is one of the few areas where children can potentially know more than their parents do. Due to this dynamic, many parents are struggling to effectively engage their children when it comes to technology, leaving children to navigate this digital landscape alone.

Understanding and navigating the landscape in the hyper-sexualized culture we live in today puts a lot of pressure on our kiddos that we did not experience. However, technology also provides us an opportunity to enter our kids’ world and opens up the possibility to keep connecting with them.

My secure family is an online portal for parents to land that will focus on online digital safety, healthy conversations around sex and sexuality, apps, videos on navigating digital devices, a digital safety course, grace based parenting techniques and weekly Q & A.

Featuring subject matter experts from a number of organizations, parents will get the latest apps, and updates that will educate and impact healthy family, connection, and community. MySecureFamily will provide a collaborative place to equip parents on the practice of safe technology, emphasizing positive online behaviors and using the necessary and available tools to connect families to limit exposure to pornography, bullying, and security dangers for our homes.

This aggregated space, parents can lock arms with other concerned parents within a safe community to stay abreast on the latest and current technologies.