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5 Steps to Protect

5 Practical Steps to Protecting Children in the Digital Age

Let’s be honest. It isn’t easy raising children in a day and age where hundreds of thousands of dangerous images and messages are not only just a click away, but the clicks are happening on devices that our children are often carrying in their pockets. Consider these stats from

A Parent’s Guide to the App

As you can see in the video above, is a social network dedicated to short, self-made music videos. It is easy to see why this is such a popular app because users can record themselves lip-syncing popular songs, share their own musical creations, remix titles, and browse the work

What Are the Chances My Child Will See Porn Online?

When I speak to parent groups at schools and churches, one of the steps I recommend is to have them list every way in which their children can access the Internet. The reason for this exercise is that if it’s done thoroughly, parents quickly see that it’s a long list.

Snapchat’s Snap Map Feature

Snap Map is exactly what it sounds like: An easy way to share your Snaps and location on a map with friends. There’s even an option to share a Snap with Snapchat users who aren’t currently on your friends list without revealing any information about yourself or your account. To